65 Avenue and QEII Highway Interchange

What it is

The 65 Avenue and Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Highway interchange is one component of a larger 65th Avenue project, which includes supporting roadways on both the east and west sides of QEII.

Why it’s important

This interchange is critical infrastructure in supporting safety and ease of movement, and vital to future economic development that will occur locally, at the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and in the Edmonton Metro region. This interchange is an important part of future trade and transport, as it:

  • is strategically located where roads, rail and runways converge supporting transportation, provincially, nationally and internationally;
  • supports the potential for significant economic development and diversification throughout Alberta, and may provide exposure to nationally emerging markets; and
  • accommodates a future Aerotropolis development that would see increased economic output and employment diversification.

Functional planning study

In 2016, a cost-shared study was completed by the City of Leduc, EIA and Alberta Transportation to identify the interim and ultimate requirements for the future of the interchange. This study reviewed a number of things, including existing conditions, traffic operations and previous studies, while considering short- and long-term strategies that satisfy various requirements. The report puts forth functional plans and recommendations for the interchange, and serves as the basis for future project direction.

Detailed design

In 2017, Alberta Transportation announced joint funding with the City of Leduc and EIA for the detailed design work of the 65th Avenue and QEII Highway interchange. This phase of the project addresses specifics required to prepare for construction, including: placement of infrastructure, scoping of land acquisitions, pre-tender estimating, and design related to bridge structure, abutments, on and off ramps and connector roadway linkages.

This project is in its initial stages; the city will continue to provide updates as the project develops. For more information, please email info@leduc.ca or call 780-980-7177.

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