65th Avenue - Purpose of the Project

Photo of engineer looking at construction site

This interchange is a critical piece of infrastructure that will support safety and ease of movement of people and goods. The project will also stimulate Alberta's continued economic development through investment growth, job creation and diversification. It will foster increased trade and improve transportation logistics in support of access to and from the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and investment on airport lands and throughout the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. To achieve these objectives, the project: 

  • is strategically located where roads, rail and runways converge supporting transportation, provincially, nationally and internationally;
  • supports 274 direct and 197 indirect full-time equivalent jobs during its construction phase;
  • supports $23 million direct and $27 million indirect GDP during its construction phase;
  • accommodates a future Aerotropolis development that would see increased economic output and employment diversification;
  • supports the potential for significant economic development and diversification throughout Alberta, and may provide exposure to nationally emerging markets; examples of potential sectors impacted include agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, tourism, e-commerce and others;
  • accommodates the growing volumes of goods and services experienced by the EIA;
  • maximizes the capacity of EIA cargo operations, as well as its Free Trade Zone access point; and
  • addresses traffic bottlenecks that compromise trade capacity and limit the potential of a new Protein Industries Supercluster.