9 p.m. Routine

Secure your property before you go to bed
Take part in the #9PMRoutine

Offences such as thefts, mischief, and break and enters to residences and businesses are among the crimes that may be addressed through the use of #9PMRoutine habit and in conjunction with the Leduc RCMP crime prevention strategies.

The premise of the #9PMRoutine is to get in the practice of locking up vehicles, accounting for valuables and doing things like leaving an outdoor light on before bed. These are the first steps in preventing these crimes from happening overnight.

Suggested practices for the #9PMRoutine include:

  • Removing valuables from vehicles
  • Moving vehicles into a garage and/or locking the doors
  • Closing and locking garage doors and windows
  • Checking all doors and windows in the home to make sure they are closed and locked
  • Leaving an outdoor light on

Have you completed your #9PMRoutine?