Aquatic Centre Annual Closure

The aquatics centre is temporarily closed to allow for deep cleaning and maintenance. The closure this year will be slightly longer than usual so that we can complete more extensive work that will ultimately create a better customer experience for you. 


  • The main pool and hot tub opened on Sept. 17 as part of the phased re-opening plan.
  • The rest of the facility is expected to be fully open in late October or early November.
What is being done
  • A new filtration system will be installed in the leisure pool and whirlpool.
  • The entire facility is being transitioned to a new state-of-the-art disinfection system called WAPO Chlor.
  • New heat exchanges will be installed in the whirlpool, allowing it to heat up faster. 
  • The whirlpool and hot tub will receive carbon dioxide gas feeds to lower the pH (acidity) of the water.
  • Tiling and grouting trouble spots in the leisure pool and deck will make the surface smoother.
  • A sewer line upgrade.
  • The facility will undergo a deep cleaning, including equipment, surfaces, toys, structures and changing rooms. The pools (with the exception of the main pool) will be drained and cleaned. Painting will also be completed.