Black Gold Drive Road Reconstruction

Funding support: Provincial grant (MSI), federal gas tax fund

Timeline: 2019-2020 (two-year project)

As roads age, freeze-thaw cycles and the weight of traffic wear on their structure. Although Black Gold Drive may appear in good condition from the surface, the road structure beneath requires work. From 2019 through 2020, nearly 2.5 kms of Black Gold Drive from Grant MacEwan Boulevard to 50th Street will be excavated and reconstructed in phases to improve the road and proactively repair damages before they become larger safety concerns. This work will increase the overall lifespan of the road. 

Year one of this two-year project will focus on widening the road to create areas for traffic detours when work begins on existing lanes in year two. Although widening is primarily to keep two-way traffic moving during construction, the increased width will be used to create left turning lanes at intersections to alleviate congestion. 

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Project Maps
>> Grant MacEwan Boulevard to Alton Drive
>> Alton Drive to east of Alexander Drive
>> East of Alexander Drive to QEII overpass
>> QEII overpass to 50 Street

Questions about this project?
Project Manager: Pam Regier
Email: | Phone: 780-980-7107


2019: work includes road widening exavation and removals, underground utilities, granular base, concrete curb, paving and landscape restoration in the following phases:

  1. Alton Drive to QEII overpass
  2. QEII overpass to 50 Street
  3. Grant MacEwan Boulevard to Alton Drive.

2020: reconstruction of existing road. Once complete, the road will be two lanes with median and the space created by the widening will be used to create left turning lanes and additional lanes at intersections (Alton Drive, William Bell and east of Grant MacEwan Boulevard) to allow traffic to queue and alleviate congestion along Black Gold Drive.

Traffic control

Construction has been planned to maintain two-way traffic where possible, sequencing the 2.5 km of road repairs into smaller phases. The initial phases of construction will focus on widening the road to create a third lane where traffic will be detoured when work begins on existing lanes.

Project Updates

*Updates provided on a weekly basis

Date Status Details
June 24, 2019 In Progress Road widening between Alton Dr and QEII overpass continues. Cement stabilization is complete for a portion of this length and crews have begun installing the granular base and underground utility work continues, requiring intermittent lane closures. Excavations and removals for widening have moved on to the portion of the road between QEII and 50th St. Manhole replacements and water line relocations in the area begin this week. FORTIS is replacing light poles between Alton Dr and Grant MacEwan Boulevard, there will be no street lighting for approximately one week during the transition.
June 17, 2019 In Progress Road widening between Alton Dr and QEII overpass continues, with subrgade preparation and cement stabilization beginning this week resulting in intermittent lane closures next week. FORTIS has completed light standard relocations between QEII and 50 St., excavation and removals for widening will begin in the area next week.
June 6, 2019 In Progress Widening to the south has begun between Alton Dr. and QEII overpass with excavation/ removals completed this week. Reshaping of the Aileen Faller Park toboggan hill has started. FORTIS is intalling new light standards between QEII and 50 St. in preparation for widening. Next week, subgrade preparation and light standard work will continue.
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