Subdivision & Development Appeal Board (SDAB)

The SDAB is an independent, quasi-judicial board that adjudicates hearings on appeals from affected parties relative to decisions made by the subdivision authority and the development authority - similar to a court hearing. The SDAB makes their decision on fact-based evidence, then applies legal rules as per legislation and planning documents such as the Municipal Development Plan and the City of Leduc Land-use Bylaw. When the SDAB makes its decision, it’s final and cannot be overturned unless the SDAB makes a law or jurisdictional error.

The SDAB is made up of five public members appointed by Leduc City Council for a three-year term. All SDAB members must pass mandatory training before sitting in on a hearing.

The SDAB holds a hearing within 30 days from receipt of a valid appeal. The hearing will be on any given Wednesday in the evening at the City of Leduc Civic Centre.

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