Shape Your City. Shape Your Budget 2018.

Every year the City of Leduc invites residents to have their say and provide feedback into the City's budget planning process. This is your chance!

The City of Leduc Budget Planning Survey is now closed. Thank you for your participation. 

What is the budget planning survey?

Each year, extensive planning takes place to identify organizational and service level requirements for the following year. The budget planning survey is a vital tool utilized by Administration early in the budget process to infuse citizens feedback on today’s priorities, service levels and other key topics that have been identified as important. 

The survey is brought to Council in the summer for informational purposes. It is again referenced during the public budget presentations in November with Council, when Administration reaffirms and identifies where citizen feedback has been infused into the proposed budget.

Why is participating in the budget planning survey important?

It is important that the budget aligns with citizen expectations; therefore, citizen engagement is a key component of the budget process. The budget survey allows you to have your say on key priorities, where you want your tax dollars to be spent and general feedback that will help shape your City and its budget.

Have your say!

Results are in!

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