City of Leduc Policies

Policy Name Audience/ Purpose
Budget Guiding Principles Policy To establish principles for the annual preparation of the Municipal Budgets. In some cases, these principles will stand alone, while in others the principles are excerpts from separate policies established by Council.
Compensation Philosophy Policy  
Corporate Credit Card Policy  
Council Remuneration and Expenses Policy To provide guidelines for Council remuneration
Employee Reimbursement and Expense Claims  
Investment Policy To provide guidance on investment of funds in a prudent manner through preservation of capital, risk mitigation and maximizing investement returns.
Municipal Grants To provide guidelines for awarding Municipal grants.
Occupational Health Safety & Wellness Guidelines to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment
Proclamation Policy The purpose of this policy is to provide general criteria to the issuing of proclamations.
Property Tax Relief Policy  
Public Engagement Policy The policy guides when to use Public Engagement and provides direction to Administration to determine how to engage Stakeholders on issues and decisions affecting the community.
Roadside Memorials Policy To establish a policy for roadside memorials where a fatality has occurred.
Reserve Policy To provide guidelines for the establishment and management of City of Leduc reserves.
Sidewalk / Curb and Gutter Management Policy  To establish priorities and formalize a system of inspection for maintenance of municipal concrete sidewalk/curb and gutters within the City of Leduc.
Sport Tourism Grant Policy To provide guidelines for awarding Sport Tourism grants.
Surface Transportation Noise Policy To provide design noise levels descriptors, design criteria, and the responsibility for providing noise attenuation.
Total Rewards Philosophy Policy  

Planning and Economic Development

Policy Name Audience/ Purpose
Building and Development or Land Use Changes Undertaken by the City of Leduc Informs City of Leduc administration on managing its own applications.
Development Recreation Contribution Stakeholders building one or more dwelling unit(s).
Seasonal Outdoor Patios Business owners interested in having an outdoor patio.
Land Development To provide policy direction for the formulation, administration and execution of Development Agreements between the City of Leduc and other interests.
Lot Drainage Builders and homeowners undertaking work that could impact site drainage.  
Maintenance of Local Improvements Developers who have entered into a Development Agreement with the city.
Naming Policy Individuals, businesses, organizations, and the City for the naming of roadways, neighbourhoods, parks, water bodies, and municipal facilities.
Procedures for Obtaining Lot Grading Approvals Stakeholders involved in site grading.
Sale or Lease of Redundant Public Utility Lots Walkways and Public Right of Way Stakeholders interested in purchasing or leasing public utility lots or walkways from the City of Leduc.
Sale of City Owned Land Previously Advertised Stakeholders interested in purchasing public lots from the City of Leduc.
Signs on Road Right-of-Way Builders, developers, and not-for-profit groups interested in placing temporary road signs