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Mark Your Calendars

  • Nomination Day - Monday, September 18, 2017
  • 2017 Municipal Election - Monday, October 16, 2017

Election Candidate Registry

Individuals who intend to run for the next municipal election must register their intent with the municipality before accepting contributions.
Glen Finstad Robert (Bob) Young David MacKenzie
Christina Forth Laura M. Tillack Dawn Macdougall
*updated to January 27, 2017    

In accordance with the changes to the Local Authorities Election Actindividuals who intend to run in Leduc’s 2017 municipal election must officially register their intent. 

Prospective candidates need to file their intentions to run in order to fundraise for their campaigns but do not need to identify what position they plan to run for until they submit their papers on the official nomination day.

Candidates who would like information relative to campaign contributions, go to the Local Authorities Election Act and access Part 5 – Municipal Election Finance and Contribution Disclosure – which begins on page 89 of the Act

If you are interested in running for municipal office (mayor or councillor only) please complete and file the original Candidate Application for Registration of Notice of Intent Form with the City Clerk's Office, either in person or by mail. If you are unable to locate a Commissioner for Oaths, the form can be commissioned at the Leduc Civic Centre. You will need to provide a piece of photo identification.

Applicable Acts, Bylaws & Links

>> Municipal Government Act >> Local Authorities Election Act
>> Land Use Bylaw, Section 24 >> Alberta Municipal Affairs 



Official Election Results

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Historical Voter Turnout

2013: 23.9% 2010: 24% 2007: 37% 2004: 35% 2001: 43.8%
1998: 53.6% 1995: 50.2% 1992: 43.9% 1989: 38.% 1986: 32.8%
1983: 27.1% 1980: 16.9% 1977: 21.9% 1974: 26.8%