Back Lanes

The following back lanes will undergo reconstruction, to ensure the continued stability and safety of the lane.  

  • Back lane from Corinthia to Cayuga Street 
  • Back lanes between 35 Avenue and Campbell Road (South) west of Caledonia Drive 

Construction Project Map - back lanes - Corinthia

Construction Project - back lanes - Caledonia

Lanes will be excavated down to the base or sub-grade, restabilized, and re-surfaced. Gas lines may be impacted during this work, and the City will work closely with Apex Utilities as needed.  

During reconstruction, access to the back lane will be limited and/or unavailable, and there may be impacts to RV parking and waste collection. Impacted residents are encouraged to make arrangements and move any RVs ahead of construction, and to keep an eye out for specific details and timelines from the contractor as the work begins and progresses.  

Project Manager:  Tyler Wood
Contact: 780-980-7107  /
Timeline: Spring/Summer 2022
Funding: City of Leduc
Construction FAQs

Project Update:

Aug. 3, 2022 Caledonia between Campbell Road and Campbell Road: The lane entrance crossings have been poured with new concrete. The final lift of asphalt paving has been rescheduled for the week of August 8 to allow for the concrete crossings to properly cure.
Caledonia between Campbell Road and 35 Ave: Apex Utilities has completed the replacement of the gas line in the lane. The lane will temporarily re-open beginning August 5 with a gravel surface, garbage pick up will remain in the front. The lane will close again once the lane reconstruction begins later in August. Notices will be sent out prior to the start of the lane reconstruction.
Corinthia between Cayuga St and Corinthia Drive: Apex Utilities is set to begin the replacement of the existing gas line in the lane beginning next week. Access to the lane will be closed and garbage pick up will be at the front of the property.
July 14, 2022 Ongoing - Caledonia between Campbell Road and Campbell Road: The base lift of asphalt has been completed in both sections of the lane. Driveway tie in work is expected to begin and will include any cut backs and pouring of new concrete. 
June 22, 2022 Ongoing - Caledonia between Campbell Road and Campbell Road: The base lift of asphalt is placed in the east half of the alley. Driveway tie-ins will follow, along with the final lift of asphalt. In the west half, gravel has been placed and compacted. Paving of the west half will occur next week, weather pending. 
June 10, 2022 Ongoing - Caledonia between Campbell Road and Campbell Road: Construction continues with the placement and preparation of the gravel base, which will be followed by the placement of the base lift of asphalt. After the first lift of asphalt is finalized, driveway tie-ins along with any concrete repairs will be completed. This will be followed by the final asphalt lift. Portions of the alley may be open to thru traffic in the evenings when work is not underway. Driveway access will remain restricted until concrete replacements occur and both lifts of asphalt are complete. Waste collection will remain at the front of properties until the end of July. Lanes north of Campbell Road: Apex Utilities will begin gas line relocation work the week of June 20. Waste collection will move to the front of properties June 23 to the end of August. Lanes are anticipated to be fully closed for this work for approximately 3-4 weeks. Lanes will again close for the lane reconstruction, which will occur after Apex completes their work. DeFord will provide impacted residents with more schedule details closer to the start of this work. 
June 2, 2022 Ongoing - Removals began on May 30 on the east portion of lanes between Caledonia Drive and Campbell Road. Subgrade prep and gravel placement have been ongoing throughout the week. Gravel placement is expected to finish around June 8. During construction, the water valve at the south end of the alley began to leak. Repairs to this valve will occur on June 2-3, and there may be some disruption to water service during this time. The Wambulance has been deployed to assist impacted customers. 
May 19, 2022 Scheduled - Contract awarded to DeFord Contracting Inc. Caledonia: Removals of asphalt surface for lanes between Campbell Road and Campbell Road scheduled to begin May 30, with reconstruction ongoing through July. Please see map for phased closures. Phase 1 (green) to close May 30 to remove asphalt. Lane will be closed for approximately 2-3 weeks. Once Phase 1 reopens, Phase 2 (blue) will close for same process of 2-3 weeks. 
Feb. 23, 2022 Scheduled - Project currently in design and procurement phase. Additional information will follow prior to construction.


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