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Latest update Nov. 27, 2020 at 5:02 p.m.

The Government of Alberta has entered into a State of Public Health Emergency issuing a number of mandatory health measures in response to the steep rise in active COVID-19 cases across Alberta. These new, mandatory measures are in place until mid-December when the province will re-evaluate and identify next steps. The following measures affect areas under enhanced status, which includes Leduc within the Edmonton Zone:

Social gatherings remain to be one of the largest sources of disease spread. With that in mind, note the following measures in place for the next three (3) weeks:

  • Indoor social gatherings, including home gatherings, will not be permitted
  • Social contact should remain between people of the same household
  • Anyone who lives alone, can have up to two (2) outside contacts
  • Outdoor gatherings are permitted with a maximum of 10 people
  • Weddings/funerals restricted to a maximum of 10 people and with no receptions

RECREATION SERVICES – starting Nov. 27

Indoor activities:

  • Individual use only; no group activity
  • Public skate is available at reduce capacity however operational hours are extended
  • Public swim will remain the same with maximum of 75
  • Fitness centre is open with a maximum of 32 people
  • Walking track accessible at reduced capacity
  • Meeting room bookings will remain the same under strict guidelines
  • Children’s programming (non-sport based/ non-family) will be limited to 25 per cent regular attendance
  • No swimming lessons
  • Alexandra Arena will close temporarily until provincial direction reinstates team sport activities

Outdoor activities:

  • Individual and group sport permitted
  • Maximum of 10 people, i.e. outdoor rink
  • Dec. 10 anticipated opening of outdoor ice surfaces, i.e. boarded rinks (weather permitting)

Schools starting Nov. 30:

  • Grade 7 to 12 will start at-home learning until Jan. 11, 2021
  • Younger grades will remain for in-school learning until Dec. 18, 2020
  • Winter break will be extended by one (1) week, with all students returning to in-class learning for Jan. 11, 2021

For more information, please refer to your school division:

Places of worship can remain open while exercising the following:

  • 1/3 maximum occupancy per fire code
  • Face coverings required
  • Physical distancing between attending households

Dining, retail and personal services are categorized through one of the following and come into effect Nov. 27 for the next three (3) weeks:

  1. Closed for in-person - banquet halls, conference and concert venues, trade shows, community centres, indoor play and child play centres
  2. Open for appointment only – no walk-in services for personal services, hotels, etc. This includes hair salons, esthetic services, and personal care technicians, like massage therapists
  3. Open with restricted capacity:
  • Retail businesses can remain open allowing a maximum of five (5) people or 25 per cent occupancy per fire code.
  • Restaurants, bars, pubs and lounges can remain open (with restrictions) if they follow all public health guidance in place, including:
    -  Maximum of 6 people from the same immediate household at a table and no movement between tables.
    -  People who live alone can meet with up to 2 non-household contacts as long as they're the same two throughout the duration of these restrictions.
    -  Only seated eating and drinking is permitted. No other services or entertainment will be allowed, including billiards, games or darts.
    -  Liquor can be sold until 10 p.m. and food-serving establishments must close to in-person dining at 11 p.m. Liquor sales apply to casinos, but casinos are not required to close at 11 p.m.
  • Albertans are encouraged to use take out, delivery, drive-thru and curbside pick-up options.
  • Additional inspections will occur to verify that public health measures are being followed. Establishments that are non-compliant may face orders and fines. 

Additional measure in the Edmonton and Calgary zones

  • Mandatory masks for indoor workplaces except when working along in an office or a safely distanced cubicle or an appropriate barrier is in place.

NOTE: Leduc’s Face Coverings Bylaw is still in place.

Current statistics 

COVID-19 cases for Leduc can be found HERE:

  • Click on ‘Geospatial’
  • Scroll down to the ‘Active cases’ map at the bottom of the page
  • Zoom in on the City of Leduc municipality
  • Hover your cursor (mouse) over the municipal boundary to get the latest statistics

Face Coverings Bylaw 1062-2020

Enacted Oct. 8, 2020, the bylaw will be revisited by Leduc City Council in December to determine if/when the bylaw is rescinded based on timing and the number of active cases in the city.

Region classification

Leduc is currently under the ‘enhanced’ status according to provincial statistics, and as such is subject to the community-specific and mandatory public health measures announced by the Province of Alberta. Complete information about the measures that are currently in place for our region can be found on the province's website.

Facility and operational updates

Leduc Recreation Centre
In compliance with the Province of Alberta's targeted public health measures (announced Nov. 12, 2020), group fitness activities including drop-in and registered classes, AquaFit and team bookings at the Leduc Recreation Centre will be canceled between November 13 and 27, 2020.

Click here for a complete list of what's been temporarily cancelled and what remains available at the LRC.

Events and Bookings staff are available to assist sport groups and community organizations
Email  |   Call 780-980-7118   |   WEB

Leduc Transit
Wearing is caring for our transit services, whether local or heading into Edmonton. Face coverings are mandatory, with other safety protocols in place to ensure safe operation for our ridership. Visit for more information on routes, schedules and fares.
Email   |   Call: 780-980-8444   |    WEB

Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts
We are currently working on our reopening plan to welcome community groups and guests back to the theatre while aligning with the health and safety protocols as outlined by the province.
Email   |   Call: 780-980-7170   |    WEB

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