Leduc Supports the Integrity of the EIA

The Edmonton International Airport (EIA) plays a significant anchor role in the future Aerotropolis economy of the region and supports continued growth of the existing economic sectors in the region. To ensure that the EIA can play this significant anchor role for years to come, it is necessary to control the land uses around the EIA. The City of Leduc has and will well into the future play the most significant role in ensuring compatible land uses around the EIA.

To protect the 24 hour operational status of the EIA, the City of Leduc has diligently enforced the Airport Vicinity Protection Regulation (a provincial regulation) and has ensured that residential development (Aerotropolis Land Use Compatibility Study) does not encroach on the EIA affecting its operational status.

Additionally, the City has worked on a number of initiatives and projects including work done with the City of Edmonton, Leduc County and EIA. Projects include, but are not limited to:

  • JIMSE infrastructure evaluation
  • Joint land use planning
  • Aerotropolis Viability Study and adoption of Aerotropolis Compatibility Land Use designation
  • Third runway alignment
  • First transit service to EIA
  • 65Ave. Functional Plan and Building Canada Application
  • Aerotropolis Promotion
  • Joint Utility Planning - including the Water Commission
  • Assistance with utility operations