Electronic Documents

To provide enhanced customer service in Leduc, the City uses electronic documents, in some cases, to accept forms and applications from residents and business owners. The benefits of this approach include: 

  • A simpler and more convenient way for you to engage with the City  
  • Reduced use of paper-based forms  
  • Streamlined processes that create efficiencies for both you, and City staff  

This process was introduced to the community in late 2022. Based on feedback from users during the initial phases, it will be continued and used on select forms and applications moving forward.

Electronic Documents FAQs  

How are signatures being collected?  

The City is using the Signoritiy eSignature Platform to facilitate the collection of digital signatures via electronic documents. Signority is a Canadian company based out of Ontario and has other clients such as the cities of Toronto and Airdrie, the Department of National Defence, as well as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.  

Where is my personal information stored?  

Both the City and Signority take managing your personal information seriously. Completed copies of any signed documents are stored within the City’s IT network and will be maintained in accordance with our records retention and disposition polices. For more information on Signority’s approach to security, privacy, compliance, and legality, please visit the Trust Centre on their website.  

Are electronically signed documents legal?  

In Canada, the government recognizes electronic signatures, and the law views them as being valid unless another law states otherwise. The key with any signature is showing intent and approval of the document’s contents. Signority’s signatures are a completely legal way to sign electronic documents given that it can permanently mark an electronic document with your signature. Each signed document is accompanied by an audit trail that records and validates all the steps taken to produce and sign the document.  

Do I need an account through Signority to submit a document digitally?  

No, you do not need an account to complete a document, however you will require a valid email address.  

How will I receive my document to sign it?  

Depending on the program or service you are signing up for, you will receive the document one of two ways: 

  • For programs and services that require you to contact a City staff member directly: They will send you an email from eDocuments@leduc.ca that will contain your name, the name of the document you’ve requested, and the name of the staff member who sent it to you. The link within the email will lead you to the document you need to sign.  
  • For programs and services on Leduc.ca: You will navigate to the relevant page on Leduc.ca and click on the link provided. You will be asked to accept the terms and conditions of the system and will be shown a preview of the document you have requested. Once you have confirmed the document is correct, click the “Sign” button to complete the form. You will also be sent an email from eDocuments@leduc.ca that will contain your name, the name of the document you requested, and a link just in case you haven't fully completed the document and need to return to it later. 

Once I have signed the document, how do I get a copy?  

Once all the required signatures have been collected, you will receive an email with either the final copy attached, or a link where you can download it.  

Will the system work on phones and tablets?  

Yes, the system will work on both phones and tablets.  

How do I access the forms and applications if I don’t have an email address? 

If you do not have an email address, you can reach out to the City staff member or department you are dealing with, and they can provide you with a copy to manually fill out.  

Is there a resource to help me fill out the form?  

The vendor has produced a YouTube video on ‘How-to Sign a Document’. Should you have any additional issues or questions, please feel free to reach out to the City staff member or department that sent you the document. 

Who do I contact if there are technical issues?  

If you have any issues, please contact the City staff member or department that sent you the document.