Traffic Noise

Traffic noise is unwanted sound that comes from vehicles operating on roads. Most traffic noise is produced by tires moving against pavement and typically depends on vehicle type, tire configuration, number of vehicles, and speed.

traffic noise presentation was made to City Council on Jan. 24, 2022 (1:04:20) by ACI Acoustical Consultants Inc. This included results of previous noise monitoring in the City of Leduc. In existing residential areas in the City, the outdoor sound level criteria is 65dBA.

The construction of noise attenuation measures are considered based on the ability of funding when they are determined to have the desired attenuating effect. Alberta Transportation is responsible for noise attenuation for provincial highways. As part of the future 65th Avenue Interchange Project, a sound barrier wall will be installed south of 65th Avenue on the east side of QEII. 

The City of Leduc Community Standards Bylaw applies to noises that are intermittent, unusual, or unique in nature. This includes engine noise, mufflers, construction, stereos, etc. These sounds are not well-deterred by sound walls or phsyical barriers and must be controlled through enforcement.