Emergency Management

Emergency Preparedness Week - May 6 - 12

Be 'Emergency Ready' as we mark this significant national awareness week in Leduc. Everyone is welcome to join us May 12, 2018, 1 - 3 p.m. at Leduc Fire House 1 (2 - 4119 50th St Leduc). This event is to learn more about emergency preparedness, ask questions, receive valuable information and meet our staff.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management team is responsible for developing programs and plans to prevent disasters if possible and for reducing the vulnerability of residents to any disaster that cannot be prevented. They look to prevent disasters (like water contamination or hazardous chemical exposures) and limit the effects of any disaster that cannot be prevented (severe storms, extreme cold, tornadoes).

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Safety & Emergency Resources

>> Emergency Preparedness Booklet >> Home Safety Tips
>> Is Your Family Prepared? Your 72 Hour Guide >> Flooding Plan
>> Is Your Family Prepared? Your 72 Hour Guide (Fr.) >> Severe Storm Plan
>> Emergency Preparedness for People with Disabilities >> Power Outage Plan
>> Create Your own Fire Escape Plan >> After the Disaster
>> Fire Services Fee & Charges >> Ambulance Services
>> Emergency Preparedness Shopping List >> Firepit Safety
>> Emergency Management for Business Booklet