Community Garden - Guidelines for Gardeners

Gardeners are asked to observe the following guidelines. Please be courteous in all interactions and work together to resolve any disagreements.

  1. NO planting will be allowed until ALL plots are staked and numbered. Plots will be available for planting by Friday of May long weekend – weather permitting. Please note, after the spring of 2022, the City of Leduc will no longer till the entire garden area annually. See the No-Till Pilot for more information.
  2. Full garden plots are approximately 25’ x 40’ in size, rental fee is $25.00 per season for the full plot, or half garden plots are approximately 25’ x 20’ in size, rental fee is $15.00 per season for the half plots.
  3. Any available plots will be assigned by a department representative.
  4. Gardeners must stay within plot boundaries and perform maintenance of the assigned garden plot and adjacent area (pathway) including planting, watering and weeding. Weedy or abandoned plots are subject to one warning, 5 days to comply and then plot will be tilled under or tarped and gardener will have future gardening privileges revoked. No refunds for weedy or abandoned plots.
  5. The City of Leduc will not be held liable for any damages or injury arising out of the gardening process.
  6. The City of Leduc will provide non-potable water at each garden - 12 spigots at Telford and 2 at Deer Valley. NO attachments (hoses etc.) are allowed onto the water stations. Bucket systems only, please.
  7. The use of pesticides is strictly PROHIBITED.
  8. Gardeners may use netting or chicken wire for climbing plants but this must be removed from the site by Thanksgiving Monday.
  9. The height of any structure cannot exceed 5 feet and may not be permanent.
  10. The use of metal pegs and wire for boundary marking is PROHIBITED.
  11. Gardeners are to dispose of weeds and plant materials in your home green bin or in the City of Leduc compost area – located at the corner of 48th Avenue and Lede Drive.
  12. NO pets permitted in the garden area.
  13. Gardeners must complete harvesting by Thanksgiving Monday. The plant tops can be spread out for mulch on your own plot, or taken to the compost site. City staff will not remove plant materials from your plots.
  14. Gardeners are requested to notify City of Leduc Public Services if personal circumstances should arise and they are unable to continue maintenance of the plot.
  15. The City of Leduc reserves the right to till any garden plot for the protection of the community (in the event of pest damage, excessive weeds, growth of illegal plant material including controlled weeds). 
  16. Vehicles are NOT permitted in the gardens. Parking is available at Telford gardens on the south side of 48th Avenue, at the Leduc Rugby Club, Lede Park north lot, and west of plots at the rowing club. Parking at Deer Valley gardens is available in the gravel parking lot. 
  17. No riding equipment is allowed in the gardens. Any powered equipment will be walk-behind type only (tillers, mowers, etc.)