Sports Hall of Fame

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The Leduc Sports Hall of Fame honours local athletes, leaders, and teams who have excelled at a local, national or international level of competition, bringing fame and honour to the City of Leduc.

This year's Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will be held in November, 2018. Details to follow.

Nominations for the Sports Hall of Fame

The Sports Hall of Fame Awards are designed to recognize, on an annual basis, up to four outstanding athletes, teams, leaders or builders who have made a positive impact in the Leduc region.

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Nomination Criteria

  • Evaluated based on their contribution to their sport at the provincial, national, international and professional levels.
  • The athlete will be valued on their personal achievements, awards or accomplishments, as well as the impact they made to their sport in Leduc.
  • Normally, the athlete is retired from competitions, but this isn't mandatory.
  • At least 50 per cent of team members must be Leduc or Leduc County residents.
  • The team must have competed at a western, national or international competition and/or the team won at the highest level of competition.
  • The team will have made an impact on sport in Leduc.
  • A leader/builder directs athletes in a leadership capacity and has made a major contribution to the development of sport in Leduc.
  • The leader shall be formally formally recognized for their initiative, leadership and dedication to sport in Leduc.
  • Can be a coach, manager, official, administrator, trainer, volunteer or group of volunteers, facility/program developer or media member, but is NOT a professional promotor, sponsor or fundraiser.
  • May be active or inactive at the time of nomination, but will be evaluated based on their outstanding effort in one or more sports, usually over a period of at least 10 years (not necessarily consecutive). Special consideration may be approved by the committee.

Join our Selection Committee

The Leduc Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee is looking for two representatives from the sporting community to join the panel. 

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> Selection Committee Terms of Reference

We're Seeking a Banquet Partner

The Leduc Sports Hall of Fame Selection Committee is seeking a local sport association or community group to host the 2018 Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in conjunction with a banquet or semi-formal events.

> Induction Ceremony Terms of Reference
> Induction Ceremony Request for Proposals