Homelessness and Poverty Prevention

Homelessness and poverty has an impact on every community. Those impacted can include individuals, families, youth, seniors, visible minorities and people with disabilities. In any municipality, the social programs and services necessary to support the local population are constantly evolving. 

As with many communities, Leduc faces challenges related to housing affordability, mental health and addiction, and supports to serve vulnerable populations.

To help address this, the City's Homelessness Prevention and Poverty Framework was developed and outlines several strategies, policies and intiatives that complement other community efforts. It will also help guide collaborative partnerships in building a community response to these issues.  

The Framework focuses on four key prioritiy areas:

  • Access to housing
  • Mental health and addiction
  • Food security
  • Improving access to services

Please contact Leduc Family and Community Support Services by email at fcss@leduc.ca or by calling 780-980-7109.