Green Features at the Leduc Recreation Centre

  • Pool roof replacement increased the R value from 7 to 20 to reduce heat loss through the roof.
  • Lighting is T5 in all new arenas and field houses, lighting can be staged to turn on 30%, 60% and 100% intensity depending on lighting needs.  The Performance Arena and the Curling rink Metal Halide lights replaced with T5 high bay florescent, in 2010.
  • EcoChill - a heat recovery system from the twin arenas ice plant provides enough heat for domestic hot water for amenities, under slab heat to all change rooms in twin arenas and field house, corridors, perimeter heating near main floor windows, and even heat to the front cement pad up to the sidewalk for snow removal.
  • Enviro Ice - is a heat recovery system from the Performance Arena and curling rink that provides domestic hot water to these facilities and dehumidifies these areas which dramatically reduces the energy consumption when operating “ice” areas.
  • The Performance Arena Ice plant upgraded to higher efficiency models with anticipated 15% energy savings on that ice plant, in 2015
  • Low flush toilets and waterless urinals were installed to reduce water consumption
  • The City of Leduc is planning to change out the cooling tower on the twin arenas in 2018 to further reduce water consumption for cooling of the ice plant feeding the arenas. 
  • Starting the process of Energy Audits this year on all buildings, including the LRC, to find further energy savings measures

Solar Project

The solar project was installed in advance of Alberta Summer Games in 2016. At Sept. 1, 2017, the LRC solar system had produced over 1 MWh of power equivalent to:

  • Powering 3 million lightbulbs for a day
  • Planting 1300 trees
  • Reducing 400 tonnes of carbon dioxide