First Aid

First Aid & CPR knowledge can help you protect yourself and those close to you. Learning First Aid & CPR is as essential as learning to walk or to read. Before a professional responder arrives to help, you can make all the difference in helping someone in need.

Standard First Aid/CPR/AED - level C $150

This 2-day course will help you learn to think, react and improvise in emergency situations.  The course includes CPR, automated external defibrillation (AED), head & spinal injuries, choking, poisoning and life-threatening emergencies.

Standard First Aid Re-certification $90

This is 1-day re-certification course is designed for individuals that have a valid Standard First Aid certificate but will expire soon.  Please bring your unexpired certificate with you when you attend.

Group Classes

Groups of 8 or more who are interested in a Standard or Child Care First Aid Recertification course can call us at 780-980-7165 to book your one-day group session. 

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For more information about the First Aid programs, call 780-980-7165.