Fitness Services

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The LRC's Fitness Centre offers more than registered programs, drop-in classes and a great space to work out. We also offer the following services to complement your fitness routine.

Nutritional Coaching Program - $258

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Our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant will work with you to evaluate your individual nutritional needs and you will be provided with an individualized health plan that includes diet and lifestyle recommendations. Ongoing follow-up and support will be provided to ensure your health and nutrition stays on track. Your 2-Month Nutritional Coaching Program includes:


Consultation Meeting:

  • ​Collect & review client information.
  • Determine and set client's nutrition and healthy eating goals.
  • Understand and clarify client's dietary concerns.
  • Develop and review client's personal food journal. 

Program Development & Presentation:

  • ​Create a fully customizable 7-day meal plan according to client's goals, food preferences, and dietary needs. 
  • Develop and provide 7 healthy recipes that correspond to their individualized meal plan. 
  • Provide a detalied and easy shopping list to ensure meal prepping is successful.  
  • Present individualized lifestyle recommendations and personalized supplement recommendations.

4 Follow-up Appointments (30 minutes each):

  • ​Client accountability check-ins and goal setting.
  • Provide additional new recipes at each appointment.
  • Article discussion on different topics each week according to client's needs to help the client become more knowledgeable about food and nutrition, and to help the client make more informed decisions when it comes to food. Topics may include how to improve digestion, food portioning, eating out solutions, importance of water, blood sugar balance, etc. 
  • Make adjustments to plan as needed. 
  • Additional support via email for questions the client may have is included throughout the program. 

For more information or to set-up an appointment visit our Apple Fitness Desk or call 780-980-8454. 


Introductory Nutritional Counseling Package - $51

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Meet with our Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant for a 45-minute session to get you on the path to a healthier diet. This includes information on portion control, healthy options for eating out, proper digestion as well as a 3-day meal plan, corresponding healthy recipes and basic lifestyle recommendations to get you started on the right track. With this package you will receive:

  • Private one-on-one session with a LRC Certified Nutritionist
  • 3-Day Meal Plan development
  • Healthy 3-Day Meal Plan recipes
  • Basic lifestyle recommendations
  • Information on how to improve digestion, food portioning, and eating out solutions

Fitness Assessments (1.5 hours) - $109


Our assessments measure your:

  • Muscle strength
  • Endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Aerobic endurance & power
  • Body composition.

We’ll use this data to create a personalized program to help you reach your fitness goals.

Body Composition Assessment (30 minutes) - $39


There are many factors that contribute to overall health that can't be read on a scale. Gain more insight into the different components of your body including body fat & lean body mass and what it means for your health by completing a Body Composition Assessment. Our Tanita Total Body Composition Analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance technology to provide you will accurate and detailed information about your body composition. A certified fitness staff member will administer the assessment and help interpret the results. Call 780-980-8455 to book your assessment today!

Personal Program Design (2 hours) - $123


A certified personal trainer will help you get started with your fitness goals. This session includes goal setting, program design, and an equipment orientation. The personal trainer can also answer any fitness questions you have.

Personal Training



Our Personal Trainers provide you with expert advice and motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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Personal Training Fees

1 session - $60
3 sessions - $171
5 sessions - $279
10 sessions - $545

15 sessions - $774
20 sessions - $1025

Group Personal Training is available for those intimidated with one-on-one sessions or have friends that share the same fitness goals. Prices below are per person.

2 people

4 sessions $142/person
8 sessions $264/person
12 sessions $363/person

3 people

4 sessions $107/person
8 sessions $196/person
12 sessions $256/person

4 people

4 sessions $87.50/person
8 sessions $154/person
12 sessions $198/person

5 people

4 sessions $75/person
8 sessions $130/person
12 sessions $168/person

How to book a personal trainer

Fill out the Personal Training Intake Form or call 780-980-7120. 

Sports Team Training

The Leduc Recreation Centre offers dryland training sessions for sports teams of all ages and sizes. We offer comprehensive fitness instruction for groups to help improve numerous different components of fitness. Our certified and experienced fitness professionals can help your group achieve a wide range of fitness and training goals whether it be supplemental training, offseason conditioning or sport-specific skill development.

1-15 Sessions: $125 per session
16-30 Sessions: $115 per session
31+ Sessions: $105 per session

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