Focus Areas

Because the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) covers many topics related to Leduc’s development, we’re focusing on seven specific areas that are most impactful to the city’s future land-use planning. They are:

Parks and Recreation: creating more opportunities for active lifestyles with access to walking, biking, and both indoor and outdoor recreational activities. Providing adequate parks and open spaces for community enjoyment.

Economy and Local Jobs: ensuring that a high percentage of Leduc residents can be employed within the city, and that Leduc’s economy is a vibrant mix of local businesses, retail/commercial chain stores, and large industrial businesses.

Culture and the Arts: promoting a sense of community in Leduc by hosting unique cultural events, preserving historical places and buildings, and supporting local art and community organizations.

Infill and Housing Choice: Redeveloping properties, adding dwelling units and housing choices, and improving aging infrastructure.

Sustainable Practices: including, but not limited to, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving energy efficiency, reducing waste and protecting air and water quality.

Natural Environment: preserving and enhancing the city’s natural assets, including tree stands, water bodies, and most notably, Telford Lake.

Mobility Options: providing infrastructure for different forms of transportation, including multiway, public transit and roads. Ensuring all options are safe and convenient and reducing the distance between everyday services and neighbourhoods.

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