2018 tax increase set to support local services and economy

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Leduc City Council and administration forged a 2018 budget taking a balanced approach to manage expectations while planning for the future. Council voted for a three-year tax strategy to meet the growing needs in the three areas of safe communities, economic development, and arts and culture that will see a 3.65 per cent increase for 2018 (click HERE for 2019 and 2020 information):

  • 2.33 per cent to support current service levels and enhance support to arts and culture, and concentrate on economic development
  • 1.32 per cent dedicated to safe communities in support of enhanced protective services

“Our three-year operational budget allows us to strike a balance with being financially responsible and ensuring this is a stable and vibrant community,” says Jennifer Cannon, director of Finance with the City of Leduc. “It’s teamwork and an integrated approach between administration and council allowing us to maintain service levels and leverage opportunities to expand our focus on key initiatives, while keeping costs minimal.”
Council has dedicated 1.32 per cent over the next three years to enhance protective services that will allow the continued efforts to provide citizens with a safe and vibrant community. It will enable the city to:

  • Renovate and expand the current RCMP facility - $13 million
  • Hire one crime analyst in 2018
  • Hire one RCMP member each year until 2020
  • Hire one RCMP detachment clerk in 2020
  • Hire a Fire Safety Codes Officer in 2018
  • Hire a Quality Assurance Office in 2018

“Economic development, arts and culture, along with ensuring Leduc is a safe and vibrant community will continue to be the focus of this city council and this budget is starting us off with a solid foundation,” says Leduc Mayor Bob Young. “By addressing the growing needs to increase support for protective services, it also helps support other ventures with economic development and to support the arts and culture community. We view this as a great first year for this council to do what we can for the community.”

Please refer to the backgrounder as this budget also features:

  • Maclab Centre for the Performing Arts coming into the city’s area of responsibility
  • Enhanced economic development attraction and retention with a new permitting action plan and continuation of the Downtown Storefront Improvement Grant Program
  • Major capital program projects to upgrade underground services and roadways, along with advancing the detailed design for the 65th Avenue Interchange

For more information, please click HERE or call 780-980-7177.

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Mariann McLaughlin, Corporate Communications