2023 Tax Assessments Mailed

Tuesday, January 31, 2023


If you own property within the City of Leduc, your 2023 assessment notice was mailed on January 26, 2023. This assessment notice will show the market value of your property which will be used to calculate the annual taxes. Please allow 1 week for delivery to your mail box before contacting our office.

The assessment process follows the guidelines established by the Provincial Government to ensure property taxes are distributed in a fair and equitable way where owners of properties with similar market values pay a similar amount of property taxes.

Please keep in mind your assessment notice is not an annual tax bill. This simply provides the market value of your property. Property taxes are calculated using the assessed (market) value and will be mailed in May.

Please email propertytaxes@leduc.ca or call 780-980-7105 for more information on:

  • Your 2023 property assessment notice
  • The complaint process if you do not agree with your property’s assessed value
  • If you did not receive your annual assessment notice