Blue bag recycling changes coming to Leduc

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The types of plastic Leduc residents can sort into their blue bags are changing. Effective Nov. 18, residents can blue bag only rigid plastic containers such as detergent bottles, mayonnaise or ketchup bottles and large yogurt or margarine containers.

Residents must now throw soft and single-use plastic such as small yogurt containers and plastic-lined cardboard containers into their black waste cart. Mixed material products such as frozen juice containers, spiral cookie dough containers and tetra pack soup broth should also go into the black cart, along with soft aluminum such as pie plates and tin foil. Residents can continue to recycle aluminum cans with lids and clean paper and cardboard. Clean and clear glass is not accepted in blue bags but can be taken to the Eco Station as part of a glass recycling pilot project.

Many single-use and soft plastic products are no longer accepted by the global recycling market, requiring local recycling programs to implement changes. The city has always been committed to recycling only those materials that have a market. Fortunately, Leduc’s recycling program already limited items such as plastic film, clamshells and Styrofoam, so changes are much smaller in scale than those seen in many other communities. 

“With fewer opportunities to recycle soft plastics it becomes even more important to use less single-use plastic or foil products,” says Councillor Lars Hansen. “Changes globally remind us of how important it is to reduce and reuse material, and only put into your blue bag those products that will be recycled.”

Over the next several weeks, households with curbside collection will receive a door knocker detailing changes to the recycling program. Residents with questions are encouraged to check out or call the Eco-smart Hotline at 780-980-7107. 

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