Citizens encouraged to adopt a Fire Safe philosophy in 2020

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

What do glass, metal, ceramic and stone have in common? According to Leduc Fire Services, they’re all non-combustible materials which are safe to use when extinguishing smoking materials.

“Major fires can be caused when planters are used as ashtrays, so we’re encouraging residents to prevent those fires before they happen,” says Deputy Fire Chief Gerry Kelly with Leduc Fire Services. “For anyone who is a smoker or if you have smokers in your life, we’d like you to think about where you’re butting out.”

Fire services suggests creating a butt bucket as a way of encouraging safe disposal of any smoking materials in your outdoor space. A butt bucket consists of a metal or clay bucket or pot, filling it three-quarters of the way with a non-combustible material, such as sand, and then placing it in a safe location on your deck/patio (not sitting or hanging on the exterior of the building).

“Fire safety is important year-round. However, fires caused by smoking materials are more prevalent during the warmer months as it brings smokers outside,” says Kelly. “In Leduc, we don’t believe in waiting for an incident to occur before educating the community, and due to our efforts over the years we’re fortunate to have so many fire-conscience residents who are aware of the dangers and want to do all they can to minimize their risks.”

Other helpful tips:

  • Always wet butts and matches before discarding them in a garbage container
  • Always keep lighters, matches and smoking materials out of a child’s reach
  • Never discard smoking materials on the ground, in garages or in dry, grassy areas
  • Never throw smoking materials outside a vehicle window

For more information, visit and click on ‘Fire Prevention’ or call 780-980-8475.

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Mariann Tobin, Corporate Communications