City encourages citizens to be neighbourly this winter season

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Public Services and Leduc Enforcement Services shares a few tidbits for residents to consider this winter season when they’re clearing their driveway and sidewalks:

  • Pushing or tossing shovels of snow into a roadway, lane or alley can negatively impact motorists in a neighbourhood
  • Pushing or tossing shovels of snow to the side of a driveway, front yard or boulevard helps to reduce snow accumulation and potential barriers for motorists on roadways
  • After a snowfall, Public Services’ priority road clearing starts with arterial roadways, the downtown commercial district, then moves into collector roads. Residential streets are seen to once there is 15 cm of compacted snow

“We deploy our crews at the onset of major snow events to ensure Leduc’s roadways are safe and passable for motorists and emergency responders,” says Rick Sereda, director of Public Services. “When residents push snow into the street, it creates added challenges reducing safe passage for vehicles and emergency response vehicles, especially when residential snow removal efforts may not start until we’re done with our priorities routes.”

The city has a number of online resources to help residents who have questions about snow clearing and removal efforts. Those include:

  • Snow removal updates – this section is updated during major snow events
  • Snow and Ice Control Policy
  • Frequently asked questions about streets, lanes and alleys, Multiway Trails and outdoor surfaces
  • Maps – snow removal and road classification
  • Dry sand locations

Keeping roadways clear is also covered under the Traffic Bylaw No. 878 – 2014 under Section 52. Anyone found in violation may be ticketed $45.
52. A person shall not place, cause or permit to be placed any mud, grease, oil, ice, slush or any other material upon any sidewalk or roadway.

For more information, please see our ‘Snow Removal’ page.

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Mariann McLaughlin, Corporate Communications