EPCOR adjusting water chemistry to mitigate lead

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Starting in December 2022, EPCOR will add orthophosphate to its treated water to reduce lead. As EPCOR is Leduc’s water provider, this includes our community’s water supply. 

Orthophosphate is an odorless, tasteless substance that creates a protective barrier on plumbing surfaces to reduce the release of lead in drinking water from all sources, including lead service lines and plumbing. Many municipalities across North America use orthophosphate. It has no negative health effects, and is endorsed by Alberta Health Services and Alberta Environment and Parks.  

Leduc’s drinking water is safe and clean. The City’s 2021 precautionary water sampling program demonstrated compliance with Health Canada’s guidelines and did not identify any lead service lines.  

The water supply will remain safe for use and drinking when the orthophosphate is implemented. 

Residential customers can continue to use the water as normal once the orthophosphate is added. Some customers that use the water for certain industrial processes may need to consider slight adjustments. It is recommended that these customers discussed these changes with a consultant to determine if there is an impact to their water process.  

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