Fire safety reminders for e-bike and e-scooter owners

Thursday, May 18, 2023

City of Leduc Fire Services share fire safety tips for people who own an electric bike and/or scooter:

  • Always use the manufacturer's cord and power adapter as they are made specifically for the e-bike/e-scooter.
  • Refrain from using extension cords and only plug the charging cord directly into a power outlet.
  • Charge the battery outside, whenever possible.
  • Don’t leave an e-bike/scoot unattended while charging – this includes charging overnight.
  • Keep the battery charged between 20 to 80 per cent and store it inside if not in use for more than a month.
  • Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for charging and storage.

Leduc Fire also recommends owners to purchase replacement batteries and related equipment directly from the company where the unit was purchased. This ensures e-bike/scooter owners have a properly functioning battery.

For more information, please call 780-980-8475.

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