Funding to support campaigning tips for female candidates in the municipal election

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

AUMA and FCM have been working to increase the number of women in municipal government, with the goal of reaching the United Nations’ target of 30 per cent participation rates.  While some progress was made in the 2013 election with women now holding an average of 26 percent of municipal positions, much can be done to increase the proportion of female leadership.

Municipal leaders agree with the need to increase female leadership and many participated in the women in municipal government button campaign during past AUMA Conventions.  Through this campaign, municipal leaders made personal financial donations of $3,600 to fund campaign schools for female candidates who are interested in running in the 2017 election.

AUMA will be producing a video recording and conducting a webinar to profile a municipal career and to offer tips on campaigning.  Information about requirements in the Local Authorities Election Act will be profiled to participants.

The $3,600 will be used to fund sessions with candidates throughout the province.  Municipalities who want to host a session can play the video recording and supplement with local speakers.  They can also apply for funding from the button campaign.  Depending on the number of applications, funding of $300 to $500 per approved applicant will be provided.  If the number of applications exceeds available funds, priority will be given to municipalities who currently have low rates of female participation.

Details of the application process can be found here. The deadline to submit your application is July 19, 2017.

Also, watch for an upcoming Digest article that profiles the webinar that will highlight the municipal elected official career and campaign tips.

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Example of a female candidate shaking hands