How to enjoy your summer from an enforcement perspective

Friday, July 27, 2018

Over the summer months, Leduc Enforcement Services (LES) tend to see an increase in the number of parking complaints from the community, which range from:

  • Parking longer than the 72 hour limit as outlined in the Traffic Safety Act
  • Parking illegally in disabled stalls
  • Parking in a way that obstructs driveway access for others
  • Parking on city park land

According to Sgt. Michael Stadnyk, LES has two tools at their disposal to deal with these issues: City of Leduc Traffic Bylaw 878-2014 and the Alberta Traffic Safety Act.

“Our role is to provide information on and enforce the city’s bylaws and the Traffic Safety Act, while encouraging an environment that supports a better quality of life for all citizens,” says Stadnyk. “We ask that motorists use careful consideration when choosing where to park, mindful of how it may impact others especially your neighbours.”

To help, here are a few key considerations relating to the city’s traffic bylaw:

  • Parking in a disabled stall is prohibited unless the vehicle has clear identification of a placard or license plate issued by the Alberta Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services
  • Parking along an identified fire lane/emergency access zone is prohibited unless used by an emergency vehicle
  • Parking on or within five (5) metres of a crosswalk or an intersection is prohibited
  • Parking on a sidewalk or boulevard, or any part of a sidewalk or boulevard, is prohibited

To learn more, this bylaw is available online.
For more information, visit or call 780-980-7200 option 5.

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Mariann McLaughlin, Corporate Communications