Mayor Young issues special statement

Monday, May 16, 2022

On behalf of Leduc City Council and Administration, Mayor Bob Young has issued the following statement regarding the City of Leduc’s corporate culture and current legal matter around its ability to create a safe and respectful workplace: 

“In February of 2022, a lawsuit was filed against the City alleging the City of Leduc failed to provide a safe, equitable and healthy workplace for employees in Fire Services. On May 11, the City received an amended statement of claim and we understand that the details within it may be alarming to our citizens. 

“Many of the situations that are described in the statement of claim have been addressed through the City’s existing policies and procedures, and those of the day.  

“As part of the legal process, the courts are being asked to determine if the City did enough, through appropriate policies and procedures, to create a safe workplace; if the policies and programs necessary to prevent harassment, bullying and discrimination were in place and that a fair process was available and used to address incidents. 

“What is usually an internal and confidential process is in the public eye. We understand that it is difficult to hear about these events through the media and that you have concerns and questions, and want accountability.   

“We will answer to you – our citizens – by honouring the legal process that is now underway. While the court’s process is underway, we are continuing to take steps to support a positive workplace culture by:

  • Ensuring everyone understands and follows our Respect in the Workplace Policy and the associated steps for making and resolving complaints. 
  • Providing multiple avenues for staff to bring forward incidents to be addressed, including speaking to a trusted supervisor, Human Resources, any member of our Executive Team, a union representative (where applicable) and/or an individual from our Health and Safety committee. 
  • Conducting a national search to find our next Fire Chief. 
  • Providing additional professional counselling support to staff. 
  • Securing an external firm to conduct a culture review around equity, diversity, and inclusion. 

“Ensuring that all our employees feel both physically and psychologically safe has been, and continues to be, our highest priority. It is our expectation that all staff uphold a corporate culture of respect, responsibility, and accountability.”