Parking issues are top of mind for Leduc’s Peace Officers

Monday, May 6, 2019

As we enter into the warmer months of 2019, Leduc Enforcement Services (LES) would like to raise general awareness around the types of parking complaints they generally deal with year-to-year, such as:

  • Parking longer than the 72 hour limit as outlined in the Traffic Safety Act
  • Parking illegally in disabled stalls <>
  • Parking in a way that obstructs driveway access and/or obstructs a motorist’s view at an intersection
  • Parking on City of Leduc park land

“We treat each call individually and do our utmost to work with residents and the subsequent registered owner of the vehicle in question,” says Sgt. Michael Stadnyk with Leduc Enforcement Services. “It’s our duty to provide information on and enforce the city’s bylaws and the provincial Traffic Safety Act, yet we want to do everything we can to promote careful consideration when motorists go to park their vehicle; think about the location, surrounding area and potential impact on others.”

According to Stadnyk, LES has the discretion to use one of two enforcement tools when dealing with the issue of parking concerns in the community:

What motorists should know about the city’s bylaw:

  • Parking in a disabled stall is prohibited unless the vehicle has clear identification of a placard issued by the Alberta Registrar of Motor Vehicle Services
  • Parking along an identified fire lane/emergency access zone is prohibited unless used by an emergency vehicle
  • Parking on or within five (5) metres of a crosswalk or an intersection is prohibited
  • Parking on a sidewalk or boulevard, or any part of a sidewalk or boulevard, is prohibited

“We want all citizens to be respectful of others to support a quality of life that many people in Leduc have come to enjoy and rely on,” says Stadnyk.

For more information, call 780-980-7200 option 5.

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City of Leduc Enforcement Services is a team of community peace officers (CPOs) appointed by the Alberta Solicitor General and Minister of Public Security. Working closely with the Leduc RCMP, enforcement services work to raise awareness and ensure compliance with city bylaws and select provincial statutes. Visit for more information or call them at 780-980-7200 option 5.

Mariann McLaughlin, Corporate Communications