The Power of Volunteering

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Not all superheroes fight crime and protect the universe from invaders, like you see in the movies. Most superheroes live in our neighbourhoods and serve as volunteers. They improve community well-being, connect residents, and empower people to reach their own potential.  

This past month, City of Leduc staff visited four local preschool classes and spoke to more than 50 students – as part of the City’s Volunteer Leduc initiative – to talk with students about the importance of volunteerism and being a superhero in the community.  

"We want to teach our younger generations that being a good citizen improves the well-being of those around them, and the community as a whole,” says Elana Hansen, Community Development Volunteer Coordinator with the City of Leduc. “We highlighted the importance of treating our elders with respect and asked them to draw happy pictures that we can deliver to our older population later this year during our Sincerely Leduc campaign.”  

In all, 50 pictures were collected for local seniors. 

Additionally, the preschoolers were given a month-long chart to fill in with stickers as they completed various tasks intended to turn what they learned about volunteerism into action. Tasks such as helping someone carry their groceries or books, cleaning up garbage at the playground, doing household chores, and holding the door open for someone.  

At the end of April, Mila Dalupang, age 4, submitted her chart and was awarded a prize package that consisted of a Volunteer Leduc cape, t-shirt, flashlight, as well as sweets and treats.  

“Mila was so thrilled to visit the Leduc Civic Centre and accept her prize,” Hansen says. "Her smile was contagious, and everyone was happy to see her commitment to the program and her working towards helping make Leduc a better place in the years to come.” 

About Volunteer Leduc 

Volunteer Leduc was formed in 2009 to capitalize on a significant level of volunteerism that had been fostered in Leduc through the 2008 Alberta Winter Games. Volunteer Leduc continues to strive to recognize and enhance the existing base of volunteers through support and development.   

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Photos below: Mila Dalupang, age 4, visits the Leduc Civic Centre in early May 2023 to collect a prize for completing a volunteer-focused worksheet distributed to students as part of the City’s Volunteer Leduc initiative. 

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