Unsightly property and RVs: summertime cleanliness

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

As the weather warms up and people get outside, complaints about unsightly property and recreational vehicle (RV) parking start picking up at Enforcement Services. Leduc residents take pride in their communities, but not all properties are kept in a neat and tidy state. Some properties appear neglected, affecting neighbourhood property values and frustrating other residents. The City of Leduc has bylaws to help make Leduc a community that residents can be proud of.

Unsightly Property

From overgrown grass and weeds to neglected buildings and vehicles, unsightly property can be a thorn in the backside of Leduc residents. Remember to keep grass and nuisance weeds shorter than 10 cm (about the length of a Kit Kat or Snickers bar) and remove debris build-up or household items visible from neighbouring properties. Most properties in Leduc are kept in good condition, but those that violate these guidelines could be subject to a $250 fine under the Community Standards Bylaw.

Recreational Vehicles

Some families enjoy going on RV holidays over the summer, so these large vehicles are starting to appear on local streets. Large vehicles can be a safety concern on residential roads. They take up space and limit visibility to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Leduc’s Traffic Bylaw has some restrictions on RVs and trailers. RVs that are self-operating or trailers that are attached to a motor vehicle may only be present on any roadway for 72 hours, and can’t return for a period of 48 hours. No trailers of any kind may be left on a roadway unattached. Leduc Enforcement Services would like to remind RV owners to consider all the factors when parking these units. Those who do not may face a $45 municipal tag or a $50 provincial ticket.

By following these guidelines, residents can take pride in Leduc’s neighbourhoods. For more information on this month’s topic, contact Leduc Enforcement Services at 780-980-7200 (option 5).