Watch for sewer line maintenance this summer

Monday, June 5, 2023

City crews will be completing sewer line flushing on the east side of Leduc throughout the summer as part of the regular maintenance of our sewer (wastewater) collection system. This process utilizes high-pressure water to clear pipes and break up any material that may interrupt regular flow of waste through the system.  

Crews will also be conducting smoke and dye testing in South Park and Linsford Park areas in the later part of the summer for an estimated period of two weeks. This process is completed to identify any inflow or infiltration occurring in the sewer system, which may be the result of cracks in the sewer line, defective sewer connections, illicit cross-connections with storm drains, or building connections that have improper traps or plumbing. 

Check out the website for more information about the sanitary line flushing and testing process and what preventative measures residents can take in their home.