North Telford Neighbourhood Renewal

UPDATE: Landscaping continues along with planting of trees on private property. Construction completion inspection was scheduled for the week of Sept. 21 but rescheduled for the week of Sept. 30. Read full updates below

Funding support: Provincial grant (MSI)

In 2018 the City of Leduc began a two-year road rehabilitation project in the North Telford neighbourhood to renew the roadway's integrity and decrease long-term maintenance requirements. In addition to road construction, this project includes improvement of some water distribution pipe lines to meet current construction and fire fighting requirements. This project has been staged over the course of two years.

2019: Construction this year will focus on reconstruction of 51 Ave, 52 Ave and 45A St. 51 Ave and 45A St were reconstructed to gravel surface in 2018, and will be paved in 2019.

2018: Construction focused on completing water main replacement, road reconstruction along 54 and 53 Ave and multiway connection. View archived construction updates.

To complete this project, existing roadway was removed. However, roots of some trees in the neighbourhood had grown underneath the road structure, including a number of trees on private property. Evaluation of the trees by internal and external arborists determined the root systems of a number of trees would be impacted by excavation and construction, weakening their integrity and resulting in potential safety concerns. Consequently, a number of trees were removed prior to construction. Trees removed from private property will be replaced in July once residents have been consulted to identify tree type and location.

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Project Updates

*Updates provided on a weekly basis

Date Status Details
Oct. 24, 2019 Complete Construction is complete with some seasonal deficiency work, including driveway connections and tree planting. 
Sept. 30, 2019 In Progress Landscaping continues along with planting of trees on private property. Construction completion inspection was scheduled for the week of Sept. 21 but rescheduled for the week of Sept. 30.
Sept. 9, 2019 In Progress Road construction is complete. Landscaping is set to begin this week with the installation of boulevard trees, topsoil and sod. Once complete, a construction completion inspection will take place to identify any deficienies. 
Aug. 28, 2019 In Progress The final lift of asphalt has been placed throughout the south half of the neighbourhood and marks the completion of paving for the entire project. Landscaping is delayed due to contractor scheduling conflicts and will being the week of Sept. 3.
Aug. 08, 2019 In Progress The first lift of asphalt is complete and the second is scheduled for next week. Lanscaping and tree planting will take place after asphalt is complete, and Fortis will be relocating some overhead power lines so that remaining sidewalk can be poured.
July 24, 2019 In Progress Due to warmer weather, crews have made significant progress in completing concrete work along 51 and 52 Ave. Remaining concrete will be completed once the base base has dried from recent rainfall. Once concrete is finished, the remaining gravel will be placed on the roads will be paved.
July 17, 2019 In Progress Overlays are complete in the north area of the neighbourhood and concrete work is progressing on 45A St and 51 and 51 Ave with additional work scheduled for the coming week, weather dependent. After concrete is finished, gravel will be laid and the remaining roads will be paved, landscaping to follow. Tree replacements on private property will take place in August.
June 27, 2019 In Progress 52 Ave has been graveled and re-opened, however driveway access will not be restored until the road is paved. Concrete work along 45A St continues, including portions of the walk way. When concrete work along 45A St. concludes next week, crews will begin work along 52 Ave. A portion of 51 Ave is yet to be reconstructed, but is scheduled to begin next week. Once all concrete work is finished, roads south of 53 Ave will be paved mid to late July, weather dependent. 
June 18, 2019 In Progress An abandoned gas main and Telus utility line were found in conflict with road construction. The main has been removed and the utility line has been relocated. Weather permitting, 52 Ave will be stabilized in preparation for gravel later this week. Concrete work is expected to happen along 45A St. Landscaping has begun on 51 Ave and will move on to 45A St and 52 Ave once pavement is complete. 
June 6, 2019 In Progress Subgrade preparation along 52 Ave will begin next week once utilities have been addressed. 45A St is being prepared for gravel, and 51 Ave is being prepared for concrete. Landscaping is taking place on 53 Ave, and remaining public trees will be planted this week.
May 27, 2019 In Progress Construction began with removal of asphalt along 52 Ave. In the process, the contractor contacted a gas service line with resulted in a leak. Altagas responded and service was restored. 
Nov. 21, 2018 Complete for 2018 Construction is finished for 2018. All roads south of 53 Ave have been restored to maintainable surface for winter. Construction will resume in May/ June of 2019.