65 Avenue Area Structure Plan

The City of Leduc is creating a new Area Structure Plan (ASP) for lands directly south of the Edmonton International Airport (EIA) and west of QEII Highway, north of the Bridgeport neighbourhood. With the detailed design of the 65 Avenue and QEII Highway Interchange underway, this ASP will be an important part of creating a new land use plan for the area.

The lands in this area are integral to the economic viability and prosperity of the region due to their proximity to current development at the EIA. The City of Leduc - Leduc County Intermunicipal Development Plan and the City of Leduc Municipal Development Plan call for the development of a business industrial area with mixed use residential and business areas that provide an adequate buffer and transition to existing residential neighbourhoods. The plan will also build upon the opportunities and vision set out in the Aerotropolis Viability Study.

65th Avenue ASP Map.jpg

What is an ASP?

An ASP provides a general planning framework that guides future development in a specific area. It identifies and describes major land uses (residential, commercial, industrial, schools, parks, etc.), roadways, utility servicing, trail systems and potential population density.


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