Animal Safety

Animal Control

The City of Leduc Animal Licensing & Control Bylaw requires all owners of cats and dogs to obtain a licence for their pet once they reach 6 months of age. The licence is valid for your pet's lifetime and is not transferable to another animal.

All licenced pets are required to wear a collar and tag. Pet owners are permitted to own a maximum of 3 dogs or 3 restricted dogs and 3 cats within the city limits. If you no longer own your licenced pet, contact the Finance department (780-980-7162 or

License Your Pet

Pets are part of the family which is why it's important to register them with a licence and be a responsible owner. Licencing helps us get your lost pet back to you quicker.

We encourage pet owners to be respectful of other Leduc residents (who may not have pets of their own) by following our tips on responsible pet care.

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