Donations for Local Relief Efforts

In case of a local disaster

If there is an emergency in the City of Leduc, you can be a vital part of relief efforts. Donations of time, money and solicited items are welcome. Be sure to coordinate with the city or local relief agencies to ensure your contributions are as relevant as possible.

Financial contributions are often best

Cash donations allow the city and relief agencies to purchase what is needed and meet people’s needs in a timely, effective manner. Monetary donations are preferred over unsolicited donated goods. Unsolicited donations, such as clothing, furniture and household goods require a time-consuming process of receiving, sorting, transporting, storing and distributing. Cash donations to recognized relief organizations are also tax-deductible.

Ensure there is a need for donated items

If you wish to donate goods, first ensure there is an identified need. In addition, please keep in mind:

  • Items should be sorted, packaged and clearly labelled.
  • Used clothing is rarely useful because it’s hard to clean, sort, transport, store and distribute. If you’re donating clothing, ensure they’re new or gently used.
  • Consider holding a yard sale to raise money for the relief effort.
  • Personal items like soap, toothbrushes and cosmetic supplies must be new and in the original packaging.
  • Household furniture items should be new or gently used, with no visible defects.
  • The best food items to donate are dry goods and commercially-canned foods. If there is a need for them, whole fruits and vegetables may also be helpful. All food must be identifiable, unopened and undamaged.
  • All items must, at minimum, be in good condition, able to be used or worn as intended by the manufacturer, and appropriate to the needs of the recipients.

If you'd like to participate as a volunteer

  • Watch the local media to see what volunteer efforts are being organized.
  • Remember to be patient. It may not be clear until a few days after the incident how you can get involved.
  • Plan to be self-sufficient so as not to be a burden on the community during relief efforts.

If you have questions, contact the City of Leduc at 780-980-7177.