Telford Lake Project

Telford Lake is an important natural feature and recreational amenity to the City of Leduc and to the citizens who enjoy it throughout the year. The lake is an anchor for some of Leduc’s more important recreation facilities including the Multiway, Telford House Park, the Cultural Villages, and William F. Lede Regional Park.

North Telford Recreational Lands

  • Recreational open space and facilities to facilitate a wide range of activities and all season recreation
  • Individual picnic sites, some with camp stoves.
  • Day-use area with bookable picnic shelters
  • Playground
  • Regional scale and sports courts
  • Skating rink on the lake
  • Staging area for winter lake access
  • Designated sledding hill
  • Off-leash dog park will maintain the size of the current dog park but re-orient to facilitate other park development and add amenities such as a shelter and fenced training area
  • Central park with open space for passive recreational activities
  • Festival lawn with stage for large scale civic and cultural events
  • Community garden is relocated and enhance to include pathways, parking, storage/shelter/washrooms, and water line with multiple service points

Telford Lake Trail

This is the multiway surrounding the entire lake, multi-way and trails:

  • Multiway around entire lake
  • Future link from Telford Lake multiway to Saunders Lake trails
  • Trail links to Telford House Park, William F. Lede Park, Cultural Village, North and South Telford
  • Trail loops within new park areas
  • Mountain bike and cross country ski trails
  • Walking and interpretive trails

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Telford Lake Paddling Venue

The City of Leduc will have a truly unique and impressive sport and recreation venue unequalled in Canada. The beauty of the natural environment surrounding the Telford Lake adds to the appeal for the lake as a paddling facility.

The Telford Lake Alberta Training Centre Society (TLATCS) has prepared a business plan to work with the City of Leduc to develop and operate a regional training centre designed to meet the needs of a wide range of paddling groups including rowing, canoe/kayak and Dragon boating. The objectives for developing the facility include the creation of a centre for growing the various paddling sports, to provide teaching, learning and training opportunities for paddlers of all abilities and a place to host local, regional, provincial and even national events.

>> Telford Lake Master Plan
>> North Telford Recreation Lands Report