Snow Removal Updates

When you see signs in your neighborhood, it means snow removal equipment will be working there for the next few days. Be mindful of where you park during that time and try to avoid parking on the street. Snow removal is planned around residential waste/organics pickup so no conflict occurs with garbage trucks.

In addition to street signs, you can also find alerts posted below and on City of Leduc social media channels regarding planned and completed snow removal. 

Update: Feb. 8, 2018

We are beyond grateful for the patience you’ve given our crews, but we’re going to have to ask you for a little bit more. Today we moved into residential areas to start clearing, but the amount of snow is so great that it’s going to take more time than we anticipated. We had every intention of sticking to the schedule we posted a few days ago (crews moved to working 24 hr days in 12 hr rotations) but unfortunately we won’t be able to finish it in that exact timeframe or order.

Because some neighbourhoods take longer than others to clear based on differing snow build-up, layout, parked cars and other features, we won’t be able to give exact schedules going forward. We’ll continue to put signs up in neighbourhoods the day before clearing, so please keep your eyes open and remove cars from the street when its your turn. We’ll also keep providing social media and website updates when we can. We know that having a defined schedule is ideal, but in these circumstances we hope that you can continue to be flexible and work alongside us over the next several days until we’ve finished snow removal.

As residents ourselves, we know that having clear streets makes commuting to work, school and running errands much easier, but being able to guarantee that all neighbourhoods are cleared to a safe standard for everyone also takes time. Operators are working at full capacity, they have seen your encouragement and are extremely thankful for your understanding – we ask that you keep supporting them.

We recognize the inconvenience this means for many in our community, but we sincerely appreciate your support while our crews work overtime to maintain our roads.


Update: Feb. 6, 2018

Crews continue to work extended shifts to clear snow. Today (Feb. 6), crews focused on clearing residential collector roadways and windrows, however the volume of snow cleared from the windrows is much higher than anticipated. Crews need an additional day to finish clearing residential collectors before they move on to clearing neighbourhoods on Thursday. Thank you for your patience while crews work hard to complete their snow removal routes.

Updated neighbourhood schedule (subject to change based on a new snow events or mechanical issues)

  • Wednesday, Feb. 7: Residential collectors
  • Thursday, Feb. 8: Windrose and Blackstone
  • Friday, Feb. 9: Corinthia Park and South Fork
  • Saturday, Feb. 10: Robinson, Meadowview, Leduc Estates and Lakeside (note that only one crew will be operating on Saturday and may only finish portions of these areas)

Sunday is a scheduled maintenance day for all snow removal equipment. Due to increased use over the last few weeks, equipment requires a mechanical check-up to make sure it can keep up with snow removal requirements.

Signs will be deployed 24 hours in advance notifying the public that crews will be in their area. Neighbourhoods not included on the schedule above will be scheduled for next week (Feb. 13), barring additional snow events or mechanical issues. An updated schedule will be posted once it is available. 


Update: Feb. 5, 2018

Crews worked hard over the weekend clearing all main arterials and plow routes. In addition the downtown area and all schools were completed previous to start of the school week today.

We ask for the the public's patience as crews are working around the clock. Our crews are scraping to bare pavement, windrowing to the center and ultimately hauling it away, which takes time. Crews are working as quickly and safely as possible.

Today (Feb. 5), crews are in the west end area of Leduc. Crews will continue to work in the west end until night time approximately 5:00 pm, when traffic volumes create safety concerns.

Tuesday will see crews continuing with residential areas and we are hopeful that the first cycle will be completed tomorrow.

Signs will be deployed 24 hours in advance notifying the public that crews will be in their area.

Neighborhood Schedule: (subject to change based on a new snow event forecast for Wednesday)

  • Wednesday February 7th, 2018 – Caledonia Park and Leduc Estates as waste pickup day is Thursday 
  • Thursday February 8th, 2018 – Willow Park and Windrose based on waste day being Friday
  • Friday – Corinthia Park and Southfork being waste day is Monday

Crews will also start removing snow from arterial medians as time permits to create additional snow storage as they are getting high. In addition, crews are also conducting a back alley/laneway clearing on a ongoing basis.