Snow Removal Updates

When you see signs in your neighborhood, it means snow removal equipment will be working there for the next few days. Please move vehicles off of the street at this time to give equipment the space to do its job safely and efficiently. Snow removal is planned around residential waste/organics pickup so no conflict occurs with garbage trucks. You can also find alerts posted below and on City of Leduc social media channels regarding planned and completed snow removal. 

Snow removal Priorities 1 and 2 are given to the downtown commercial area and downtown core. Details on snow removal priorities are available in our Snow and Ice Control Policy. 

The updates provided here are for priorities 3 and 4 - Collector and Residential streets, respectively - so that residents can keep track of where our snow clearing crews are working. 

Please note the status of the snow removal tracking tables is weather-dependent and subject to change at any time. During extreme cold weather events, low temperatures impact the effectiveness of our snow removal equipment.

Residential Snow Removal Updates

Level 4 priorities are normally identified as residential streets. Snow removal will normally occur after an accumulation of 15 cm of compacted snow or when emergency vehicle access is significantly impaired. Residential snow removal will be scheduled to accommodate two removals per season or as snowfall dictates. 

The subdivisions will normally be done in the order listed below. The order will be reversed on the next occurrence, with the last subdivision completed first. This order is subject to change.

Green - Completed
Orange - Underway / beginning soon (approximate; subject to change)
Yellow - Pending

Updated Feb. 7, 2022 - 24/7 snow removal has endedCrews will be returning to some roads to do general cleanup and clearing back alleys around waste collection days in the following weeks. Residents are encouraged to park on the front streets until the back alleys have been cleared. If you have any issues, please notify us through the SeeClickFix app

NEIGHBOURHOOD STATUS - Residential Removal #1 STATUS - Residential Removal #2
Willow Park Jan. 10  
Linsford Park Jan. 11  
Bridgeport Jan. 13/14/17  
Deer Valley Jan. 21/22  
Woodbend Jan. 28  
Leduc Estates Jan. 12  
Lakeside Estates Jan. 18/19  
Windrose Jan. 31/Feb. 1/2/3/4  
Suntree Jan. 31/Feb. 1  
West Haven Jan. 28/29/31  
Corinthia Park Feb. 1/2/3  
Southfork Jan. 25/26/27  
Caledonia Park Jan. 18/19/24  
Tribute Jan. 25  
Meadowview Jan. 26/27/28/29  
South Park Jan. 14/17/20  
North Telford Jan. 13  
South Telford Jan. 12  
Central Business District / Alexandra Park Feb. 3/4  
Blackstone Jan. 29  
Robinson Jan. 25  

Collector Street Snow Removal Updates

Level 3 priorities are the collector streets within the various subdivisions. Snow will normally be removed after an accumulation of 7 - 10 cm of compacted snow, in the order listed below, which is reversed after each removal process. Please note the order is subject to change. 

Green - Completed
Orange - Underway / beginning soon (approximate; subject to change)
Yellow - Pending

South Park Drive March 10
42 Street (South Park Drive - Campbell Road) March 9/10
Caledonia Drive / Meadowview Drive / Meadowview Way March 9
Southfork Drive March 11
Corinthia Drive March 10
Bella Coola Drive March 10
52 Street / 57 Avenue (43 Avenue - 50 Street) March 9/10
51 Street (43 Avenue - 49 Avenue) March 9/10
47 Street (Black Gold - 50 Avenue) March 9
45 Avenue (50 Street - 51 Street) March 9
46 Avenue (46 Street - 44 Street) March 10
45 Street (South of 46 Avenue) March 9
Alton Drive March 14
Windrose Drive / Workun Drive March 14
Suntree Promenade March 14
Alexander Drive March 14
William Bell Drive March 14
Bridgeport Boulevard March 15
Bridgeport Crossing March 15
Ameena Drive March 15
Deer Valley Drive March 15
Hawthorne Way / Boreal Drive March 15
West Haven Drive / West Haven Boulevard March 15
Robinson Drive March 9
Blackstone Boulevard / Blackstone Link March 15
Spruce Boulevard / Sheridan Way March 14
Sheppard Boulevard March 11
Southfork Road March 11

Please report any issues by using the ‘Report It’ tool on our website or by calling 780-980-7133 during business hours. We appreciate the help!