Swim Steps

Adapted Aquatics Program

$100 (8 lessons)
We believe all individuals with exceptionalities should be provided aquatic opportunities, instruction and accessible facilities.

Developed right here by our very own staff, and in partnership with the Red Cross,  this program uses individualized instruction, goal setting, and a basic approach, along with tons of fun, to take you a few steps further to enjoying the wonderful world of water.  

Who is Swim Steps for? 

Geared towards children aged 4 - 16 years old with mental, physical, sensory and/or health related impairments, this program takes regular swim standards and breaks them down into smaller steps to meet their Red Cross learn to swim goals.  

Only our most experienced instructors work with swimmers, showing developmentally appropriate and fundamental aquatic skills to promote aquatic readiness and safety.  Parents, aids or guardians are required in the water, to help support and encourage the child as they learn to swim. 

How to Sign Up

You may request a time by calling 780-980-7165.  It will be subject to instructor and program space availability. 

Please also refer to the City Guide to register for swimming lessons.