About: Automated Traffic Enforcement

The City of Leduc recognizes a clear link between speeding and the rate of collisions with speed being the estimated cause of nearly 30% of all fatal collisions. Numerous studies have shown that photo radar reduces speeding violations, and in turn reduces the number of collisions causing injury and/or death. This municipality uses automated traffic enforcement (commonly known as photo radar) as one of its’ traffic safety tools to reduce collisions and the resulting injuries or fatalities caused by collisions.

The use of automated traffic enforcement is only one component within the city’s strategic traffic plan. Manned enforcement by the RCMP or City of Leduc Community Peace Officers, transportation engineering and traffic safety signage along with traffic safety education form other components of that plan. 


Speed and Stopping Distance

Speed and Stopping Distance Graphic

Speed Impacts Stopping (in) Time

The amount of time it takes a motorist to stop in time depends on their initial speed. The calculated time it takes to react to seeing the person or obstacle and applying the breaks in addition to the time it takes the vehicle to stop before hitting increases with the increased speed as shown below:

Speed Impacts Stopping graphic