Fixed Intersection Safety Devices

Automated traffic-enforcement technology is an important tool to enhance traffic safety. It helps reduce major injuries in Leduc, while keeping our fatality rate at zero. 

Intersection Safety Devices (ISD) are installed at the following intersections:

  • Highway 2A and 50th Street (east and westbound)
  • 50th Avenue and 50th Street (southbound)
  • Discovery Way and 50th Avenue (east and westbound)

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How this program works

Intersection safety devices, known as red-light and speed-on-green cameras, monitor intersections and photograph vehicles that speed or run through red lights. Leduc Enforcement Services installs and manages red-light and speed-on-green cameras in Leduc. Many other municipalities utilize this technology to reduce collisions at intersections. To learn more, click HERE to read over an executive summary on 'Safety Evaluation of Red-light Cameras.'

Violations that result in a fine:

Red light:

  • Rolling stop on right hand turn
  • Running a red light 

Green light:

  • Speeding through the intersection

Understanding red-light and speed-on green ticket

  • Deter drivers from running red lights and speeding
  • Lower the number and severity of collisions
  • Improve the safety of Leduc’s roads

Intersections are high-risk locations for collisions. Risky behaviours like speeding and running red lights has serious consequences including collisions, injuries and death. These consequences are preventable.

Red lights mean stop

If drivers are speeding, they are more likely to have trouble stopping for red lights. Slippery roads also mean it takes more time to stop so drive to the conditions. When drivers are on the phone, texting, or otherwise distracted, they may run red lights or fail to stop before turning right. And, of course, there are people who think the safety rules do not apply to them. Whatever the reason, failing to stop at red lights is costly in terms of injuries and fatalities.

Rules around red lights

  • Motorists must come to a complete stop before the stop line or crosswalk
  • If there is no stop line or crosswalk, drivers must stop before the intersection
  • Motorists must remain stopped at the red light until it turns green

Right turns on red lights

  • Unless a sign prohibits the turn, a driver may turn right at a red light, but only after stopping completely
  • No matter how slowly, rolling through a red light (or past a stop sign) is a traffic violation
  • Watch for pedestrians when turning

Enforcing red light violations

ISDs, known as red-light cameras, detect speeding and failure to stop on red. Both the Leduc RCMP and City of Leduc Enforcement Services enforce red-light violations and discretion is exercised in accordance with law for enforcement applications and a common sense approach is utilized.

Amber lights

A yellow light means that traffic facing the light is 'warned' that a red light will soon follow. Alberta Transportation explains yellow (or amber) lights mean drivers must stop their vehicle before the stop line or crosswalk, unless a point has been reached at the intersection where stopping cannot be done safely. The yellow light does not mean to step on the gas to try and beat the light.


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