Youth Wellness Partnership

Help us connect with our Youth - get them active and involved

The City of Leduc is looking to support local organizations in providing youth aged 12 – 17 focused opportunities!

We are seeking out opportunities in our community that will help youth to learn and grow through sport, recreation, social wellness, arts and culture. The City of Leduc wants to help, if you have a new or existing opportunity for youth but need some support, the City of Leduc is offering financial assistance.

Send us an application with your proposed idea and you could receive up to $5,000 to get it up and running between Nov 2020 - June 2021!


Can I apply if I already have funding from the City of Leduc?
This opportunity is open for organizations who are not currently receiving funding from the City of Leduc.

What is expected of my organization?
To offer a youth focused opportunity, collect participant feedback, and report back to the City on the opportunities impacts.

Why is sending feedback part of the requirements?
We want to be able to measure the impact of your organizations idea, program, activity in supporting local youth.

Will I have to complete my proposed opportunity by the end of this year?
Eligible opportunities must take place between Nov 2020 - June 2021.

How much funding can my organization receive?
Up to $5,000.

Can I apply if I am a for-profit organization?
Yes, not-for profit and for-profit organizations are both welcome to apply.

What other supports are available as part of this partnership?
The City will promote your youth focused idea, program, activity through our social media, website and within our facilities.​


How to apply?

Share your idea, the program/activity, the goal, indicators of success, funding/support required and the sustainability of the opportunity. Tell us your story and the reasons why you want to get involved!

Deadline to submit your application is October 23, 2020. This opportunity is open for organizations who are not currently receiving funding from the City of Leduc.

To download the application package, Youth Wellness Partnership Application Form (PDF)

Submit to Amelia Stevenson, Community Development Assistant
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