NEF contours and the City of Leduc

Developed using a Transport Canada model, NEF contours don’t measure decibel levels of individual flights. Instead, it’s a cumulative noise value of overall forecasted flights and nuisance factors including loudness, frequency, duration and time of occurrence.  

Lines are drawn on a map connecting points of equal noise impact representing 25, 30, 35, and 40 NEF contours. Transport Canada advises that an NEF level greater than 30 is likely to produce some level of annoyance and that above 35, complaints will likely be more numerous. 

To become more familiar with the previous and current NEF contours in the City of Leduc, as outlined in AVPA Regulations, please review the map provided below. The previous contours are shown by the dotted line, while the new contours are shown by the coloured sections. The map is interactive. Please use the slider to see and understand the changes.

If you are having trouble viewing the map, please click here.