Animal & Pet Control

Animal Control

Enforcement Services strives to ensure the safe, healthy and peaceful enjoyment of Leduc’s neighbourhoods for all citizens by promoting responsible and considerate pet ownership. Please do your part to ensure your cat or dog is a healthy pet and companion.

Pet Control

Know the Bylaw Rules for Pet Ownership in Leduc

Animal Licensing
The Animal Licensing & Control Bylaw requires owners of cats and dogs to obtain a licence for their pet. It is a one-time fee for the lifetime of the animal registered and is non-transferable to another pet.

Having your pet licensed and keeping your information current provides a greater opportunity for your pet being returned to you should it leave your yard. When you purchase your licence you can authorize your contact information to be available through the Pet Owner Search so anyone who finds your pet can enter the license number on your pet’s tag into the system to obtain your contact information.

For more information contact the Finance department at 780-980-7177.

Pet Licences

The City of Leduc requires licencing of all dogs and cats starting 6 months of age. Failure to purchase a pet licence will result in a bylaw violation. The Animal Licencing and Control bylaw fine is $50 for the first offence.

A seized animal will not be released until all licencing fines are paid in full. Fine payments are accepted at the Blackgold Kennels and must be cash. All licenced pets are required to wear a collar and tag.

To purchase your pet licence please fill out the pet licence application form. Pay for your pet licence by mail or at the Civic Centre. Payments can be made by cash or cheque. Credit card and debit card services are available (a credit card authorization form is available if needed).

Pet Licencing Fees

Spayed/neutered cat or dog $60 lifetime fee
Unneutered cat or dog $120 lifetime fee
Spayed/neutered *restricted dog $100 annually
Unneutered *restricted dog $250 annually
Replacement licence tag $5

*Restricted dog licences must be renewed annually with proof of adequate insurance.

A restricted dog is one that has:

  • Chased, attacked or bitten any person or animal causing injury and resulting in conviction.
  • Been made the subject of an order under the Dangerous Dogs Act.
  • Chased, attacked or bitten any person or animal on more than one occasion, with or without causing physical harm or injury, and resulting in separate convictions under this bylaw or any predecessor bylaw.

Lost & Found Animals

If your pet is lost you should call Enforcement Services at 780-980-1537. Messages are monitored on a regular basis and your call will be processed as soon as possible.

You should also call Black Gold Kennels at 780-980-2897 to see if your pet was taken there. Black Gold Kennels provides pound services for the City of Leduc, which includes shelter and care to dogs and cats the city wishes to impound pursuant to the Animal Licencing and Control Bylaw.

If you find a dog or cat wearing a City of Leduc tag, the number can be checked on our online service, Pet Owner Search* If the pet owner has given permission, their contact information will be listed. If no tag is present, call Enforcement Services at 780-980-1537 for assistance.

Injured or in Distress Dogs or Cats

If you find an injured animal in distress, please call 780-980-7267 to report the matter.

Other Animals

Questions or concerns regarding all other animals and wildlife should be directed to Alberta Fish & Wildlife at 780-361-1250.


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