Cart Content & Preparation





Waste Cart & Waste Material

Waste is defined as any household items that aren't organic or can't be recycled.

  • All waste must be put in a bag and placed in your black waste cart. Your cart will not be collected or emptied if there is loose waste.
  • Items like glass that can't currently be recycled are considered to be waste and should go in your waste cart.
  • Use your waste cart for all sanitary products, wipes and diapers. Flush smarter. Sort it. Don't clog it!
  • Glass drinking containers (pop, juice, beer bottles) can be returned to the Leduc Bottle Depot for a refund.

These materials go in the black waste cart for proper and safe disposal:

Air filters Cookie bags (coated paper) Garden hose Pillows
Air fresheners (countertop/car) Cereal box liners Gift wrap (metallic) Plastic bottle caps
Anti-static sheets Clothes Juice bottles (glass) Ribbons/bows
Baby food jars (glass) Clay flower pots Laminated paper products Rope
Bakeware Cleaning wipes Leather Rubber bands
Band-aids Cutlery Light bulbs (standard) Styrofoam
Bottle caps Coat hangers (metal/wire) Lids (plastic/metal) Soiled wipes
Bubblewrap Dry cleaner bags Microwave dishes Static cling dryer sheets
Broken glass Dishes/pots Mirrors Toothbrushes
Candles Diapers Nails/screws/nuts/bolts Twine
Cassette tapes Egg cartons Needles (in safe container) Wine cork (plastic)
Cellophane Foil wrappers Pencils Wood pieces (small)
Ceramics/dishes Floor sweepings Plastic Wrapping paper
Cigarette butts Foam Plastic bags Ziploc bags

These materials DO NOT go in the black waste cart:

  • Clean recyclables
  • Organics
  • E-waste
  • Hazardous household waste

Organics Cart & Organic Material

Organics – all food and yard waste, and many items made from natural materials.

These materials go in the green organic cart for proper and safe disposal:

Ashes (cooled) Corn cobs Grass clippings Pizza/soiled boxes
Bakery goods Dairy products Grease (kitchen) Popcorn/bags (paper)
Beef & scraps Dead animals (small) Gum Popsicle sticks
Bones Dead plants/flowers Hair Pork & scraps
Bread Dirt (small amt.) Kabob skewers (wood) Pumpkins
Cheese Dirty paper Kitchen scraps Rice
Chicken & scraps Dog waste (compostable bag) Leaves Sauces/spreads
Candy Dryer lint Meat/bones Sawdust/wood chips
Cardboard (soiled) Eggs/shells Oil (used cooking/cooled) Seafood/shells
Cat litter Facial tissue (soiled) Oily/fatty foods Seeds/nuts
Cat waste (compostable bag) Feathers Paper (shredded) String (cotton)
Cereal Fish & parts Paper bags Tea bags
Coffee filters/grounds Flour/grains/dough Paper products (soiled)  
Cooking oil (cooled) Fruit/peelings Pasta  
Cotton balls (clean) Garden waste Peanut shells  

These materials DO NOT go in the organics cart:

  • Clean recylables
  • Waste
  • E-waste
  • Hazardous household waste
  • Plastic bags

Cleaning & Maintaining Your Organics Cart

Preparing your green organics cart for pickup is easy and will ensure all material can be emptied on collection day.

  • Keep the cart lid closed.
  • Line the cart with 100% compostable bags, paper towels or newspaper so material doesn’t stick to the bottom.
  • Wrap material in newspaper or use approved compostable bags.
  • Alternate layers of ‘brown’ material (leaves, shredded paper, cardboard, sawdust) and ‘green’ material (meat, dairy, garden waste).
  • Store your organics cart out of the direct sun in a cool, well-ventilated area year-round.
  • Put your cart out for collection on scheduled collection days even if it is not full.
  • Sprinkle the rim of your cart with a small amount of baking soda, vinegar, salt or garden lime.
  • Place a briquette in the bottom of your cart.
  • Keep food scraps frozen until your scheduled collection day.
  • Rinse the cart weekly or every second week with a water/vinegar mix or a diluted bleach solution.