Community Standards

The Community Standards Bylaw was created to regulate the activities of people in public places and on privately owned property. The bylaw promotes safe, enjoyable and reasonable use of property for the benefit of all residents and visitors of Leduc.

Highlights of the Community Standards Bylaw include:

Noise control

  • Regulations prohibiting noise that disturbs the peace of others
  • Prohibited construction activity and garbage collection before 7am and after 10pm on weekdays (weekends/holidays before 8am/after 10pm)

Public Behaviour

  • Fighting in public
  • Littering
  • Public urination and defecation

Property Maintenance

  • Broader regulations on issues regarding general maintenance and upkeep of properties including: unsightly weeds, grass control, garbage, construction debris and derelict vehicles.

Sidewalk Maintenance

A person shall reasonably remove snow and ice from any sidewalk adjacent to land they own or occupy within 48 hours after the snow or ice has been deposited. Enforcement Services gauge reasonable removal to ensure all pedestrians, such as those with strollers or wheelchairs, can access and use the sidewalks.

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